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Keeping the Green Spirit Alive

I was inspired by a comment to my post Silence is truly Golden by Jake Navasca where in he said that:

I would love to see the “green campaign” that Gibo has initiated into a full blown movement in our country; as I truly believe that what Gibo has initiated should outlived way way past the election period.

– Jake Navasca

I was thinking,  hey… WHY NOT? I do not see why we shouldn’t finish what we already have started. After all, the Gibotantes/ Greenies have already  started emulating the Green Campaign that Gibo has started in his unique and one of a kind presidential campaign.

No other campaign was like this. While other campaigns were busy spying, mudslinging, gossipping, blackmailing, digging up dirt and shaking and opening closets to look for pandora’s boxes or skeletons in their opponent’s lives. The Greenies had another agenda. They were busy bringing smiles to other people’s faces because their leader had said so.

What is the Green Campaign anyway?

These are the qualities of the Green Campaign and why we should start  living this campaign beyond the election period.

  1. It is a POSITIVE Campaign.  No mudslinging, no backbiting, no blackmailing. A campaign that will focus it’s energies on the positive not the negative of things.
  2. It is an ACTION Campaign. Instead of focusing energies on opening your mouth to say something you want to happen, why not make it happen? Act on it, not sit on it. Like the cliche says, Actions speak louder than words.
  3. It is a MOTIVATIONAL/ INSPIRING Campaign.  Gilbert Teodoro taught his Green team to stop the mudslinging. That efforts to insult are wasted efforts, and motivated his team to do just the opposite. MOTIVATE and INSPIRE people to do good and say good things. I mean, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! He also never gives up.
  4. It is a GENEROUS Campaign. Gilbert Teodoro’s Gibotantes are not for sale. In fact, instead of taking, they are doing the giving. Much like the idol that the volunteers are emulating, Gibo Teodoro is generous with his resources, talent, intellect and time that he is sharing all of this to serve the Filipino people. What more can we ask of a president? He has opened his arms and heart to us and the Greenies should emulate that.
  5. It is a HUMBLE Campaign. Gibo Teodoro is a picture of humility. NEVER did he say once “VOTE FOR ME!” Instead, he focused on the people and what he can do for them. He never once asked the people “What can you do for me?” it was always “What can I do for you?”. Despite what everyone said that Gibo is coño, Gibo actually levels with the masses. He goes to them at the time they need him the most. That’s what matters.
  6. It is an INTELLIGENT Campaign. We all know this. Gibo is a genius. He is articulate and educated. Gibo has a good grasp of complex issues and knows  how to explain it simply and clearly.So people who love Gibo are starting to talk smart, reading more, educating themselves in the law, or in any way to sound as intelligent as their leader. They want to learn more. They discuss, they do not bash without content. Plus Gibotantes are never jejemons. He is  a proven negotiator. I know that  will be able to level well  in the competitive arena of geopolitics and international relations
  7. It is a PATIENT Campaign. Gibo Teodoro is a man who stays cool under fire and has grace under pressure. He doesn’t rush. He takes his time and explains his platforms give the voters the opportunity to understand his platform and how he intends to govern and serve. He answers all questions patiently and listens to people patiently to learn what they have to say and help them with what they need. He never got impatient and used anger. He always kept a cool and level head- a head of a true leader.  He is a man who also takes the higher ground, he never lets anyone go below the belt with him. He is always the bigger man that keeps silent and patient.
  8. It is  Campaign for UNITY. He is the only president that talked about Unity. I loved it. One of my favorite qu0tes from him is this:   If I also put hatred and negativity in my heart and practice mudslinging, how can I unite the nation when I become president?” Need I say more? He is never divisive. He wants to unite the Filipino People. He does not believe in personality politics and focuses on the issues needed to be solved at hand. The last thing that the Philippines need is another Showbiz President. We have to stop being immature in politics and start taking the big leap to becoming a mature political nation.
  9. It is an HONESTand SINCERE campaign. He is a candidate with no trace of corruption. He has a very decent and  clean image to the people and everyone else. He always says what he means and means what he says. He is Oozing with sincerity. I believe him when he speaks because he only speaks what he believe in . He has never once put his foot in his mouth because everything he has said from the beginning is true. He never denied anything because he is transparent and it only shows that he is a president that we can trust.
  10. It is a campaign from that has FOCUS and HARD WORK.I have carefully listened to all the candidates and found myself lost in their insincere and empty words and flamboyance. I didn’t need that. I listened to GIBO and it was there -plain and simple. An outline of his plans. A six year time line, ten and fifteen too! He knows what he’s doing and he has the focus to do it. You know that things are going to get done with a president like him. This is why we should emulate him. He is very hardworking and focused. He always finished the task at hand and will never give up.

Imagine the Philippines if every single one of the Filipinos start acting like this. This is Gilbert Teodoro’s vision:  He wanted to change the image of the Filipino so that we can be proud as a nation, to be called Filipinos.  I agree that in order to achieve that we have to start from within. That is what the Green Campaign is all about.

A President is a representative of the people. So basically, whoever you vote for is the one you want to represent YOU in the world stage. I want a president who believes in the 10 qualities that I mentioned above. I also want to be a part of that Green Campaign movement. I want a man with a forward looking vision to be the head of my state.

Greenies, I post this as a challenge to you… Can we do this? Can we live this Green Lifestyle? Can we keep the GREEN SPIRIT alive?

thank you Jake Navasca!


A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

21 thoughts on “Keeping the Green Spirit Alive

  1. Indeed. Gibo’s candidacy will change Philippine electoral campaigns in ways analysts won’t see coming. Win or lose, I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

  2. Thank you too, Maia, for eloquently articulating into words the passions which we all Gibo supporters share in supporting him. Too many times our electorate is moved to support a candidate based on personality or popularity, but we are moved to support Gibo not by those characteristics, but by the IDEALS in which he stands for. We are a nation craving for those ideals to have in our leaders, and Gibo has stood out as a leader who posses our ideals, hence our inspired-driven support for him. So, let us continue to inspire and uplift one another, whether Gibo supporter or not, based on our ideals, so that we can lift this country to greater heights. We shall be the salt of our nation! Words are mightier than swords, and let your words inspire a nation!

  3. i still and will support the green campaign.i am truly inspired by this campaign and never did i thought to end it like this.the word SULONG GREENTEAM has still a great impact in my life.SULONG!!!

  4. Can’t agree more with this blog post. Thanks Maia. All of us in our Family is a Greenie. I just hope everything would be fine. Now, I shall continue Mr. G1bo’s positive way of life and live the Green way. I have no regrets giving my very first vote to G1BO. SULONG!

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