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Today was the Green Day. It was G1Bo’s Mitng De Avance in Rizal Memorial Statium. We expected heavy traffic, so I got out early from work.  The Rebel Zim was with me so I was excited to get out of the office.

We passed by the area where the rally was going to happen and were pleased to see that there were a LOT of people going there EARLY. ( This was at 3pm). They came in organized groups, from families going together to jeeps and buses full of Gibotantes. Some were on the streets giving away G1BO treats.

When people of this number gather around we expect the following: traffic, trash and noise. But I was pleasantly surprised that the volunteers were quiet, most of them brandishing the Sulong Sign and giving out stickers, pamphlets, calendars etc. They picked up after themselves and left the area they gathered in clean. They didn’t cause that much traffic- they kept to the right places to walk. They were disciplined. That surprised me.

I guess these are the type of people that vote for Gibo. Educated, Disciplined and Proper. The kind of people that Gibo wanted the Filipinos to be. I guess that is his magic. He doesnt only unify people (think Eagles and Green Archers Uniting), he makes them want to be proper people.

Even during the rally, they were so well behaved. They showed proper listening and acted like educated human beings. They organized themselves with skill. They gave their all for the deserving candidate without pay, without wanting anything in return except to rally their cause. They know when to make noise and when to keep silent. This is a Gibotante.

What amazes me most is that because they show that Filipinos are not hopless cases when it comes to the discipline. Filipinos are not as stubborn as you think. Gibotantes prove that Filipinos can be taught. Gibotantes are totally the future of Filipinos. 🙂

Gibotantes are smart.

Gibotantes are disciplined

Gibotantes cannot be bought

Gibotantes know the truth.

Gibotantes can be taught

Gibotantes listen.

Thank you Mr PRESIDENT! SULONG! Mabuhay ang Gibotante!



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