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Silence is truly Golden

Yesterday, as we were going home, I heard my father say “I am going to change my status message to this: Isa ako sa mga tahimik para kay Gibo.´ I smiled.  He is not alone. He is one of the millions that say the same. I am also one of them (though some may argue that I am loud).

Everyone thought that since he was only in 7% of the surveys or that he didn’t show off – not like his very loud competitors, that he was nobody. He was just there, as GMA’s puppet and drone. The fall guy. The only one who was dumb enough to go on as the presidentiable for the ailing Lakas-Kampi CMD.  So, they ignored him. And G1bo campaigned in his own quiet way.

They went on with their noisy campaign polluting the streets and the airwaves with their annoying jingles that made no sense. ( Seriously, gusto mo ba maligo sa dagat ng basura? ) The streets are littered with colorful banners, lanterns and signs. They have sound-system pimped vehicles blasting jingles at the crack of dawn or act as a rude awakening just when you get into deep sleep during your weekend siesta. The Election Circus is noisy. It’s crazy. It’s annoying.

The whole nation watched as the candidates wrestled each other for the position of President.  They were like wrestling midgets, funny and amusing to watch, but they absolutely made no sense. Still, they make so much noise! Just when they are supposed to be impressing people with their grace, charm and intellect, they successfully annoy, infuriate and offend people that they are supposed to be getting for votes. They backstab, gossip, lie and mudsling at each other to which our candidate said.

If I also put hatred and negativity in my heart and practice mudslinging, how can I unite the nation when I become president?”

–          Gilbert Teodoro

Our candidate kept his cool and silently showed his grace under pressure even if they blatantly attack him. He smiled and worked. He worked hard. He never said a word against the other candidates. Because less is said, there is less things that they can attack him with. Because he said less, the people listened because there is a time when people get annoyed with so much noise and stop listening. But since G1bo said less, people hushed up and listened.

Gibo is a silent worker. He doesn’t want the whole world to know whenever he does something. But he does it, and he does it right.  In a comment in my former blog, My choice is still : G1BO… the commenter said that when G1BO was Secretary of Defense, he kicked out a lot of high ranking officials because of corruption. Gilbert Teodoro was a very transparent and has no trace of corruption at all. That is the kind of leader that I need.

I do not want a show off. Remember that a can that is empty makes the most noise. The noisier someone is, the more they are trying to hide something. Though in their minds they think that because they are loud people listen to them, it’s the opposite- the TOTAL OPPOSITE. It is because they are noisy that people filter them out. Humans filter out noise and strain their earsto iisten to even a whisper – especially one that deserves to be heard.

They ignore the silent. The thinking that silent people do  not have a voice or an opinion is wrong. It is when a person is silent that he is most dangerous. We do our best thinking in the quiet of the night.  It is in the silence that we meditate and be inspired. It is in silence when realizations and ideas come. It is in silence when we formulate our best decisions.

So fear the silent. They are waiting. They are ready. They know what they want and will soon show their numbers in strength. You have to fear the silent majority. Those who observe, those who think. The Filipinos are tired of Celebrity Governments, they are tired of the Circus and want a working and capable government that will actually respond to their needs. The silent want this and they need the Silent Candidate – the one who is most capable to win.

We have to remember that a lion is most dangerous at its most quiet. When it is roaring, it is simply is fending off an attack from another. When it is roaring it is telling you to that he doesn’t want you near because he is scared. When the lion is silent, it is thinking, strategizing and ready to pounce it’s prey. I think and I believe that this is Gilbert Teodoro.

Just you wait, when the silent majority and the silent candidate steps up. The numbers might wow you, they will be the voice that will be listened to. They will be the voice of reason. And this is where silence is truly GOLDEN.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

7 thoughts on “Silence is truly Golden

  1. WOW!!! You would make an excellent voice for a “Green Movement.” I would love to see the “green campaign” that Gibo has initiated into a full blown movement in our country; as I truly believe that what Gibo has initiated should outlived way way past the election period. You’d make an excellent voice for such a movement!

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