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The Electoral Circus 2010

It’s like a Circus  all over the country. Everywhere I look there’s a streamer, a banner or festivity of some kind.  I think this year is the most colorful elections ever. There’s a baller ID of every color, a streamer of every color and jingles permeate the airwaves in an annoying way… I have had LSS of the Otso-otso song and a mutilated version of Nobody and Jai-ho by a local official.


Well, if it was the regular circus, like  Cirque de Soleil or the Ringling Brothers, I would be racing you there. That kind of  circus is more entertaining and is in only one town. This Circus everywhere in the Philippines and the Main Event is on May 10.

We have everyone! Acrobats who try to dodge flying intrigues. Clowns in who make us laugh with their idiocy. (I’m not crazy! I’m just …well… oh hey, look a butterfly!!) We have trained animals who follow the every whim of their trainers. we have tightrope walkers who try to do the near impossible and tread the thin line between morality and immorality. We have magicians who magically appear and disappear during the Circus.  We have  flying trapeeze artists who jump from one party to another. Jugglers who try to Juggle scandals, intrigues and different social sectors at once. We have escape artists who keep on returning after they have been locked up. We even have contortionists who change shape at will – especially when they are being faced with opposition or intrigue. We have daredevil acts too! There are fire breathers and sword eaters who would say anything or take anything in just to get ahead. (No, I wouldn’t want to swim in a sea of garbage).

It’s a crazy place and all eyes are on them. Everyone wants attention I would like to believe that there is some sense to this madness. Maybe there is. Somewhere, in the madness there is someone who makes sense. There are people who do wait their turn and are educated enough to show the world what they can do without really trying to pull the other down or upstand the other.  There is that one performer who is graceful, calm and yet he commands the room when he speaks. Someone who smiles and makes everything seem alright.

I guess in a place where everyone seeks attention, you have to find one to focus your attention to.  You can never listen to everyone at once. You have to find the one that makes most sense to you.

We are going to be bombarded with media. It’s going to be a great star studded event – celebrities everywhere will  endorsing their favorite act (for fee or for a fee). Heck, even celebrities RUN for office and is part of the whole circus act!

We have to be careful. We have to watch closely for those carefully positioned and amazing ads that they come up during these days. Millions of Pesos ( Pesos that should be for food or shelter instead) are spent on media, paraphernalia and vote buying (Oh my! Did I say that out loud?!)  We also have to weigh our options carefully instead of just looking at the shineys.

Our country needs someone who can be the ringleader in this madness. Someone who can lead and not be a puppet. Someone who has great skill and intellect. (maybe a genius in green?)

Since we are the spectators of the show, let us watch carefully and see the best performer come out. The best of them might not have the flashiest act, but he has the most lasting impression and a legacy.

I share the same view as this blogger who presented the circus elections in his blog as well 🙂

So, I guess all I can say now is,  Sit back, relax and enjoy the show….



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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