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Iron Man 2 and Old Friends

I went to a viewing of  Iron Man 2 last night at Glorietta 4. Thanks to Eir for the tickets and congrats for the great event! It was a great movie,  I had a lot of fun, especially it was with friends and siblings ( too bad, Martin wasn’t able to come).  But Camille, my friend from 4th year and one of the Fab 4, came.

It’s been a long time since I last saw her. The last time was my cousin’s wedding where I was surprised she was the guest and I was the commentator, that was — a long time ago. 🙂 It was wonderful catching up to her. She’s pregnant and will be a full fledged mother next month. I can’t wait for her little girl.

I am thinking to plan her baby shower soon. 🙂 Excited na ako for her baby. I’ll plan it with the 3rd of the Fab 4 here in the Philippines, Ella. the 4th of us will be coming home in June. 🙂 Czarina. I am hoping we can all get together again. I miss them. They were my classmates and close friends in 4th year (yeah, the same class as me and Martin). They will be thrilled to see that I ended up with him. 😛 They always said I had a thing for bad boys, well, this time , I fell for a good boy. 😀

I love movie nights like these. I got to bond with my brother and sister and those close to them. I also got to see an old friend.

On the movie itself, I loved it! My inner nerd got fed. I love super hero movies! ❤ But I’ll save the review for my other blog instead. 🙂 Watch for it.



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