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Revisiting Stocks and Blondes

I was looking through my 2006 blogs last night particularly those from where I was bartending/ cocktail waitressing  in Stocks and Blondes. Honestly, I kinda miss it. Of course, I do not miss the 60 hours of work, but I miss the people. If I could go back, I would. I just want to see what has changed in the past four years.

I miss the bartenders, I even miss the bitches. I miss my regulars- they were fascinating. I miss SuperJen and JC ( Rest in Peace, honey). I saw Lauren has a kid. I wonder how Elysia is? And that goth girl, what’s her name?

Speaking of JC, it’s been three years since her tragic death. I wonder how her little baby is. Blake is probably around  8 now. Handsome little kid, I used to babysit. I hope he’s doing ok.

I also wonder what my life would be if I stayed there. I would probably be burnt out. I would probably still be working insan hours. I would probably still be crazy.

There’s a lot more to that place to me than Alcohol and booze or parties. That place taught me a lot. Hard work, how to deal with people, how to love yourself, how to be independent, and how to create your own life. It boosted my confidence more than anything. It became my life raft in the times I was in the dark. Without it, I probably would not be here. Thank you, Stocks and Blondes.

I would stay and say more… but I have to get back to Jurrassic Park. 🙂 Plus, I have to check on Martin (he’s working insane hours too)



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