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Imus Aerodance Class

I love my Aerodance Class. I don’t care that it starts at 5:00 am or that it is full of oldies. I don’t care that the instructor, is bald gay and reminds me of a certain comedian. I don’t care if the high impact/tae-bo instructor is gay too. (Just when I thought there was a hint of straightness!!) I just love it.

I love the slow stretches. The dance moves. The corny 90’s and 80s songs mixed with Poker face, and Boom boom pow. I even love the 60s and 70s dance craze that we do. But my favorite is when Aries steps in and does high impact. 🙂 Now, that challenges me and gives me fuel.  ENDORPHIN HIGH, HERE I COME!

It’s a great feeling to step up and dance box and move around so early in the morning. It gives me so much energy and keeps me alive.  It’s so weird because I am usually not like that. Normally, I would be all whiney about exercise. But, lately I have been on a fitness kick. Aside from feeling really fat, and wanting to shed about 20 lbs (Which I know I could lose and keep off), I want to start living a healthier lifestyle. So I am challenging myself to try to get in shape, excersise and love it.  So far, so good…

Though it’s a pain waking up at that hour, I love the fact that I could go out and enjoy the sunrise with my townmates. 🙂 It’s the only time that I really get to interact with them since I am usually cooped up at home, or at work. Seeing this town grow and improve really makes my heart soar.

It’s also fun to do the aerodance with not only oldies but young ones too. I met a couple of young people (college age and work age) there.  The class ranges from the very young (around 7-8 ) to the very old (try 70). And they’re all doing the same routine, from the stretches to the high impact.  You should see how some of these grandma’s roll! ❤ they can pack a mean punch. Makes me feel ashamed that I am just doing mediocre…

I guess this is my way of being one with the Imuseños. 🙂 The town who exercises together, stays together, I think! I hope this program will go on for a long time. It doesn’t just keep the people healthy and happier, it  makes them more united as well.

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