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The Lowdown on Monday Morning Sickness


Have you ever screamed that? I have. Every Monday. Monday has always been my D-day. I hate Mondays with a passion. It could be rainy, sunny, cloudy, or windy outside, but the day MONDAY always bring me down. It is always on Monday where I feel the urge to dive underneath my covers and pretend that I am not there or sick. I just HATE Mondays. Everyone knows that. I am GARFIELD on that day. It is also the day I bitch,whine, moan  and basically trudge through the day hoping that TUESDAY would come sooner. Coffee is never enough on Monday mornings and have you noticed a co-worker who is always gone on Monday?

Maybe they are sick. Maybe I am sick. Maybe it’s because there is a clinical illness that describes what we go through on Monday mornings.

Monday Morning Sickness is an old slang term used for a condition which is also known Azoturia or  Exertional Myopathy/ rhabdomolysis. It is a potentially fatal condition that makes it very difficult and painful for the one  to move and can cause failure of the kidneys. Usually found in horses, this sickness is not rampant among humans who experience one or all of the following symptoms:

  • Having the extreme urge to skip work/ class  on Monday Morning.
  • Extreme Laziness/Lethargy
  • Incapability of focusing on tasks/work/class
  • Hangovers/Discomfort including extreme sleepiness
  • Being generally unproductive

Causes of this sickness include

  • Oversleeping, Overeating(drinking) or Overstimulation

Admit it, we eat so much during the weekend. We usually schedule our cheat days (for dieting) on Sundays. So we eat, munch and gorge on food that we think we deserve.  And we do! We really do. Except that after that, we feel that we can’t move or at least want to sleep the whole day. But what if we do? It’s not a sin to rest on the weekend right? It’s just one of the causes of why we can’t get up on our asses on Monday Morning because we overate and the body Is still technically digesting the food we have.

If we spent the weekend drinking, we could have over done it and well… you get the picture. Come Monday morning, we get the dreaded HANGOVER!

If you didn’t eat, we could have overslept. We used the whole time to sleep and come Monday morning we haven’t really woken up yet.  On the contrary, we could have done the complete opposite and did everything that weekend that we like. This time, we overloaded our senses, and so we do not want to end the weekend yet.  Monday comes and you think, “Hoshit, Monday? Where did my weekend go?”

  • Poor Conditioning/ Poor fitness and then sudden increase in workload

This is pretty much self explanatory. Since we are basically not ready for work on Monday, we feel lethargic.

Treatment of This sickness (or what we should do) :

Accept that it’s Monday.

Move on! The weekend is done and over with. Don’t cling to it.  You need to get back to work to replenish the cash you spent this weekend. You also need Monday and get through it to get to NEXT WEEKEND. So accept it and deal with it. Nothing you can do about it anyway.

Condition yourself on Sunday Night

So that you do not suffer stress and Manic Monday, make sure that on Sunday night, you prepare yourself for what’s to come. Yeah, Sunday is your Fun Day and “I don’t have to run day”, but it is also the day before Monday. Therefore, you NEED to make sure that you are preparing for the next day too

Look great on a Monday

I believe in the mantra, “Look Beautiful, feel beautiful, work beautifully.” I follow it. I live it. It is also a great Monday sickness buster. Wear something new that you bought last weekend to work. Bring that new bag! Show off that new haircut or simply look pretty on Monday. It helps start your week in a beautiful note. It keeps you positive, when you see yourself pretty or good looking. It psyches you up to work hard and show people your gorgeous fresh from the weekend look.  Looking great on a Monday gives you that boost that will last you throughout the week. It helps you start the weeke right. Plus you look fabulous!!

Organize your tasks

Start the week by cleaning out your desk, organizing stuff that you need to do and making lists of things that you need to do. This is a way of mentally preparing yourself of what needs to be accomplished by the week. Since you have a battle plan, you won’t be too stressed or anxious that you are missing something or that you don’t know what to do, it also feels great at the end of the week to see your checklist all done or things to do crossed out. Another tip from says. “Breaking up your tasks into simpler tasks may help”

  • Take it easy on Monday Morning.

Since you aren’t mentally prepared to take on Enormous tasks, start your week light. Light work in the morning will start up your noggin. It will be like a warm-up so you can get things going. Keep the big thing

Reward yourself.

Once you get through the tough Monday, treat yourself to a little treat. Eat a candy bar! Have a good dinner. Mondays are always rough. You made it through. You deserve it.

So though Monday Morning Sickness is something that everyone – especially me goes through, we can fight it and make it work for us. We will always have that ugly Monday morning feeling – but at least now, we don’t act it anymore.

Who knows, maybe I won’t hate Mondays anymore! Or at least hate it a little less.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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