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Aerodance and Movies

Great day! I feel great!

Endorphins I think made me feel like a million zillion bucks. I know that if I keep this routine of going to aerodance from 5-7am at the Plaza every weekend,  I  will look and feel great every weekend and might lose weight faster. Who knows maybe I’ll start doing it daily or a few times a week at home on my own?

I really enjoy Aerodance. It’s fun. I don’t feel like I am working out – though I am decked in great workout clothing. 🙂 It feels like I am rocking it and dancing with a bunch of people in the plaza. 🙂 Plus, the instructor Vicky (Vic) is fun, gay and very much engaging.  I love the fact that he can appeal and make it fun for all ages ( the crowd ranges from the very young 7 up to 70). But my favorite is totally the boxing/high impact exercises that Aries (younger instructor) teaches. I know that I could do this on my own if I want to. FOCUS.

After my work out,  I watched Babe, I love you with my brother and sister. 🙂 It was fun bonding time. I didn’t expect to liket he movie. But I did. It was pretty cute- for a cliche’ish Filipino love story. It’s so feel good too.  I liked the character of Ann Curtis it was so well, unexpected and unconventional. Hindi patweetums.

Martin came to the house today. 🙂 we watched Clash of the Titans. Good movie great effects, but kinda long and dragging. But since I was with awesome company, I enjoyed.

After dinner, I watched Fame with my sister. 🙂 it was a good movie. Now that made my night. A good musical with amazing singers–now that made me want to sing and dance.

I am psyched for tommorow morning!



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