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If it doesnt kill you…

…It is meant to make you stronger.

Cliché. Yes. True. Yes. There are some things that feel like it’s going to break our entire being. Life’s a bitch to all of us. Tell me of a person who has not experienced any kind of painful, life changing challenge and I will tell you that person is not real. If a person has not experienced any kind of pain, then he or she is living in a fake world. He or she is living under some kind of bubble that protects her from the realities of human life.

Bubble? How? Some people may have lived life in an over protected environment- A paranoid existence, This is the reason that they haven’t been able to spread their wings fully. They are so enclosed in their own space that they are blind to the realities of life. They see life through a thwarted, messed up and very limited lense that only shows them the good, what they are meant to see and that hides the harsh realities of the world. You could say that these people end up naïve, gullible and easily fooled.

They see the world as a perfect place. They live a perfect existence. They live in a world of pure imagination. In their world, everything is green, money grows on trees, fairies and unicorns exist and  pigs can fly. In their world,  Somalia is a paradise with healthy people,earthquakes are brought upon by the movement of a giant turtle that holds the earth,  and there is world peace.

What a wonderful world to live in.

They are shocked when the glasses are knocked out of their eyes and see that the world that they actually live in isn’t that pretty.  It is full of corruption. There is evil that can’t be thwarted by a CARE BEAR STARE!! They are shocked when they learn that Superman, Batman and the rest of their superheroes are comic book characters.

They are shocked when they are hurt. They are hurt too much because they are out of their comfort zone. They are hurt because they were fooled. The world isn’t perfect after all and that they can’t make it better and turn back time to where it is all perfect. They are shocked that their mistakes have such a big impact, that booboos aren’t cured ith a simple as a kiss. They are hurt because they learn that they are human.

But what they don’t see is that being human is beautiful. It is human to err. It is human to make mistakes. It is human to have crazy experiences to make us a more learned, more experienced, wiser, and it is great to have character building experiences like those. These hard experiences where you don’t now how you could make it through –are those that could make you more beautiful.

First I was afraid, I was petrified….

… Yeah the Gloria GAYnor song. J It’s corny but true. YOU WILL SURVIVE. No matter what life gives you, as long as it doesn’t stick a knife in your heart and make you stop breathing, you will survive.  It could be scary at first. It could be crazy. It could be hard, and it will make you cry, sweat bullets, work hard, stressed, go crazy and stlll after all of that, you will get to your prize.

There will be people who are crabs that will stop you, after all, what is a challenge without a nemesis. But please, do not go down to their level. Remember you have more BRAINS than Neanderthals. You are more beautiful, classier and greater than them. Believe in yourself. It starts from within. Stop with the emo-crap.  Put on your fabulous battleface, and take life by the horns. Face them. They will talk, but that’s all they could do. Remember that stick and stones may break your bones, but words can NEVER hurt you.

Let them blah blah blah like sheep. You’re much better than that. You know the truth. You are a beautiful person. INSIDE-OUT.

I want you to look back to the past glory. You are beautiful. You made me believe that. You helped me get through my shit once, so here I am challenging you. You once said:


Let me add one more line there.


Seriously, I believe in you.

The most successful person is the one who failed the most and who failed the hardest

This is what I want to tell her that this challenge is life, giving her a chance to prove herself. This is simply part of the eternal amazing race. You see, life may be a bitch by making it hard for us. But we have to make sure that we fight for it and be bitchier with it. If you live through the challenge, you will be wiser, stronger, more beautiful and a person who can say that she made it.







A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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