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Saturday of Unexpected Events

Today was a day of unplanned adventures. Sometimes, the best moments are like that. But today was kind of a mix of good and bad.

7:00 am – Woke up.

I expected the day to be relaxing. In fact, I wanted to go to the spa and have a massage, facial and full on pampering. But of course, first things first, I went to my 2nd appointment with my mom. Aside from one stupid RCT undone, I finished the ordeal prettier with a new prettier smile. I feel more confident with my new set of pearly whites. 🙂

9:30 am – Panic to EAC.

I get home from the clinic and sis tells me that I am going with her to my old college. She needs to fix her stuff so she can graduate. There’s a devil teacher that’s holding her back. So I dress up and get ready to face the worst.

10:30 am – Meeting with the Devil

/rant start

This part of my day pissed me off. There’s a Dental Devil Dean thing that hates students that is in my former school. Since he thinks that he’s better than everyone else (just because he’s from UP) doesn’t mean that he can walk all over everyone. This guy’s just impossible.

First, he told us that he doesn’t take it personally on us since we are both in the same situation where we just have to satisfy the whims of our parents, in his case, mommy in law. He is dean by default since the former dean of Dentistry resigned and put him in charge because he’s son-in-law. Yeah, nepotism :(.  But he’s a terror.

Honestly, if he was my professor I would have killed him with a pen, on the spot. He was impossible. Though he had a point that he’s bending rules for us so my sister could finish her work sooner, he didn’t have to make her feel like shit. Nor does he have the right to make everyone else feel shitty.

Here are some of his winner lines.

I lost sleep because of this situation. I resent it.

OH?! And you didn’t care that a lot of your students lost sleep because of your foolish selfish pride and your selfishness? HOW CAN YOU SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE RUINING POOR STUDENTS LIVES BY MAKING THEM FEEL THE MISERY OF NOT GRADUATING ON TIME? Tell me, heartless, how?

My wife and I had a fight because of you.

Oh? your wife probably saw what a heartless moron you were and defended the poor students. I mean I pity her. she lives with such a bastard. Maybe I have to thank her for opening your eyes to reality.

I dont like the way your mother looks at me. It’s as if she’s going to eat me  alive.

And she will! I’ll even pass her the salt and pepper because you are probably a tasteless dweeb

/rant over.

12:00 nn – Mani/Pedi

Stress reliever and beauty enhancer all in one. I love getting pampered it calms me down. Plus I get nail art.

12:30 pm – Lunch with Annie and Doc Badong

Tokyo tokyo. 🙂 nice.

3:30 pm – My Zim comes to the rescue

Yay for surprise dates! we go to the DVD Mecca in Hidalgo St., quiapo for our adventure today. It was fun!! Thanks to him my day became all better. See Zim always rescue’s Ai and turns her grey and lonely days to bright and shiny.

We plan so many things. Glad I saw him today. Because tommorow I wont. Shopping day with the family.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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