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Dinosaurs, Funerals, Election Circus and Whatchamacallits

I wanted to skin a dinosaur today. What kind? The one that resides in the office. He’s about 60 years old, with balding hair and a blank expression on his face. He clearly knows not what he does, and makes grown men cry.  He has a talent for making people think theyre getting on a ship when in fact they cant. I am annoyed frustrated and ugh… I don’t want to say anything else… I just had a confession. Let’s just say that everyone in the office (not to mention the crew) would actually want to mutiny against him.

Poor cadet, he told him that he wasn’t included in the line up. He scared the poor kid. But the kid was included in the list (yet he told him otherwise) I would God, forgive him for he know not what he was doing… 😦


We got profit sharing today. WOOT! ❤ put more money in the bank. Of course, for the future of the Maria clan.


Macky’s dad’s wake was today. I went with Martin. It was more of a reunion than a wake. Saw a lot of Bene friends. Macky was there, of course, Tadz and wife, Doods,  JL Lopez, OJ, Joseph Ortiz and a person called Orbs. (who apparently was an upperclassman in CSA)  It was fun catching up with them.

I wish we could see each other more often. It would rock if it does happen like that. These people are cool.


Philippines, your election circus has once again succeeded in annoying me. It’s bad enough that your posters are clogging up nice clean walls,  but today, I experienced a different kind of traffic jam.  I experienced a candidate/s who got a marching band to cause traffic as I was on the way to mackys.

  1. The roads in the area were small and crowded.
  2. It was a HIGH Traffic prone area.
  3. I hate traffic

These three reasons made me so irate earlier. 😦 If you want to run, solve the traffic jam problem please, dont cause it. UGH.



Ai and Zim succeeded in their first month of invading the world.




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