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Well, Excuuuuse me, Princess

The Princess

Everybody and their mother in this office think that I am such a princess. The fact is that I am kind-of one. I am working in the family business as a kind of heiress, princess, granddaughter of the tycoon and that might be the reason to this thinking. They all think that I have it easy. They all think that I have this proverbial golden spoon in my mouth. They think that if I blink, money appears in front of me or that I do not have to life a finger to make things happen. Everything I need is given to me on a silver platter, complete with an entourage of twenty handsome men who are ready to feed me chocolate covered strawberries and attend to my every whim.

Right.  Yeah, fucking hell, right.

Partially, there is truth to this statement. I am privileged and blessed to be born in a family that is well-off. We aren’t Zobel – Ayala, Sy or Bill Gates rich, not that lever. However, we at least, grew up and we were blessed to go to an exclusive school. We have the latest style clothes, the latest toys and gadgets. Our family is also pretty well known as one of the first families in our town. We were not noveau riche – the family is the real deal. I didn’t suffer poverty nor lacking in anything. I lived a comfortable life. Some may even argue that I lived in the lap of luxury, and sometimes, I do have to agree.

My family was rich enough to be included in good social circles. Soirees, balls, large parties in hotels, vacations in foreign lands and being members of the modern (old) aristocracy were part of my life growing up.  We were popular children. Protected, well known, revered, talked about and of course watched by many as we grew up. I experienced royal treatment (which included the gossip and intrigue) that any part of the royal family or celebrity would experience. I grew up living under the hot lights of the giant social microscope that studied me and pointed out my flaws, laughed when I made mistakes, and criticized me down to the last cell.

Because of this technically, I AM a PRINCESS.

When I was younger, I didn’t mind it as much. I was receiving the best parts of it. I had toys, really good toys at the snap of a finger. I was well taken cared of. I went to the best schools, every whim of my spoiled brat brain was followed to the letter and with extra cherry on top. It was great.

When I was in my teens, I started feeling the pain of being in this sticky situation. Being a princess meant that you were boxed in to social standards and norms that you don’t like. You wee expected to excel at school (not a problem for me). You were expected to act prim and proper (which proved to be a challenge). You were expected to be an angel. You lived in a world of paranoia, because you knew that someone is bound to be watching. You couldn’t be like the other kids – unless they were part of your social circle and to venture outside was clucked upon by the Aristocratic Hens.

And because I was Aquarian and the water bearers hate being boxed in, I rebelled. I tried, without much success, to be the total opposite of what they want or expect me to be. The crown of being a princess felt heavy on my head. I didn’t want to wear it or even touch it. I was struggling for freedom from the golden binds of the royalty. I wanted out. Thing is, once you’re in this – you’re here forever. Unless you are totally banished, you will still and forever be a princess. Thing is, I had no choice. It was something I was born into. I was stuck.

Now that I am working and all grown up, I find myself struggling against the same thing. Here, I am the  COO ( Child of owner) and so expectations of me are extremely high. I cannot totally be myself in this office. I have to bend to their expectations. I have to work harder than anyone else to protect the family name. I have to please the crowd – because it is expected of me. I gave up too much of myself to match the norm. I gave up even people I love because I can’t fall in love with commoners. It is written. I am a scarlet letter. I had to do it.

I accepted this truth already and doing all I can to be their beloved Princess. I am done with the futile struggling. I mean, even Jasmine who escaped from the castle and lived her life as a commoner, eventually returned to the castle took her place right? This is my fate. This is what I was born to do and I think.  I mean, if I can’t beat the odds, I might as well Rock it, right?

So watch out world… The Princess is here to stay…



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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