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A Tale of Two Blogs

A Tale of two Blogs

Last night, after Martin created his social commentary blog (which I need to layout), I decided that it was high time to reorganize my bloglife and finally get everything fixed in my blog-closet. God knows how many accounts I’ve made, at least a half dozen attempts at filling the minds of readers with my ideas. So now, I decided I should drastically cut back and keep only two main accounts, because there has to be a separation of FANDOM and REALITY.  (and mainly because I can’t let go of my LJ) So, the decision was made, the two blogs I am keeping (aside from the fandom based blogs) are LIVEJOURNAL and WORDPRESS.

Livejournal is for FANDOM. I have had that for around 10 years. I can’t easily let it go. It has undergone a multitude of changes, and it carries a bulk of my journals from the roaring 20s.  Livejournal is my haven, my refuge and my world away from this weird ass world we are living in. Livejournal saw most of my insanity and my randomness. It saw most of my spaziness and sides of me that I cannot easily let go of.

The world of Livejournal is totally different than what it is in the real world. In Livejournal, life is full of pretty bishounen, crack is rampant, and Ryo loves me. In livejournal, I am free to be my crazy, fangirly, squealing madness complete with emoticons, mixed languages and keysmashes. Grammar should not be an issue – especially since brain death due to hot Japanese idols are expectd. Livejournal is my haven of anime, gaming, cosplaying, crafting and the home of my insane desires. In Livejournal, I can hold on to being 17 forever. I could be a squealing giggly mess and no one would care – in fact, people in LJ would join me.

LJ is the home of marikitwebs. A web of fandom-based blogs ranging from fanfiction , fanart, pv reviews and even novels. LJ carries the creative side of me – the crazy, fangirl starry eyed bohemian.

Meanwhile in WordPress resides in the other side of me:  The grown up, more serious, more professional side.  It is where I put real issues in – from romance to serious thoughts. From, work to rants in play – yes, everything that is REAL, I put in wordpress. In WordPress, real experiences, anectdotes and things that truly matter are blogged. There is insight and truths – there are real rants, realistic dreams, not fangirly – but idealistic. It is where I am at the moment. Where the real Maria is going to and what she wants out of life.

In WordPress, I will try to be a grammar nazi. I will try structure and form. I will try articles of interest. I will try to make sense and put opinions that matter. WordPress will be my social soapbox on everything from fashion, worklife to real social issues. Under the wordpress banner there are two inner blogs:

Littlemissmarikit is the personal weblog. The combination of all blogs, the catchbasin of both livejournal and wordpress. The be all end all of my web existence. This one is private. Open only to certain lucky individuals.

Idiosyncratic Inklings are works of literary quality, blogs that are very well thought of, stories that I have created out of reality, anecdotes of real life situation, written in beautiful literary flair. This is public.

Why am I separating the two?

I want to separate the two because they are two very different sides of me. I want to make a clear distinction once and for all about what is real and what is not, between fantasy and reality and between fandom and not. Plus, it’s my way of sorting out my internet garbage. Now, there’s only two,at least I know that I have succeeded in cleaning out my little space in the blogosphere.

Plus, this is me- convincing myself that I have serious work to do.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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