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The Catch

Kuya : you’re a catch, maia.. a 10 in my book..
Kuya : too bad nga lang most of the guys in your proximity are geeks..
Kuya: ……. change “most” to “all”
A: You understand anime, you get guys… you play video games, and you rock at them.
A: you’re hot, you’re not a snob, you cook well and are nice
A: plus you’re smart – REALLY SMART, educated, pretty and decent. And you can actually hold a decent conversation with a guy about guy stuff– you are God’s Gift to geek guys! Why didn’t I catch you first?
B: If I was there, I would have definitely asked you out. What are guys there? BLIND?!
Ok,If I’m so hot and I’m such a catch then why WHY ON EARTH AM I SINGLE RIGHT NOW? Thank you.
When I was in High School, no one really gave a damn about me. Seriously, I was awkward, I was weird. Instead of Cosmo and Seventeen, I was holding GEN 13 and WILDC.A.T.S. and instead of make up, I had a combat knife under my skirt. I dreamt of being wild and free and a mutant instead of silly love stories or fashion. I punched harder than any boy in our class. In short, I was a “boy”. I mean, I wasn’t a tomboy. But I was boyish. I liked guy stuff, I didn’t hide it. So basically, people didn’t give a damn. All they knew was I was this smart boyish geeky kid.
Then I hit puberty, the boys came naturally to me. I was wooed upon, and courted by many. But not really in our class. They ignored me – perhaps because I was not going to help raise them in the social circles in our already High Society High School (Think Gossip Girl)
I was privileged to study in an exclusive private Catholic and super High End School. It’s where the Elite would go. Yet, I felt really awkward there. I was mostly at home with the boys instead of the girls.
It also goes up to college, where people thought I was too smart or different. Same old story, different setting.
So, here am I, after 10 years…
I post my picture in facebook and I get messages.
C: Hey! You’re my batchmate right? what class again? Do you mind if we hang out Saturday?
C is part of the A crowd. The crowd that used to ignore me – except in times of Homework needs and project emergencies. C is also popular and “Cool”. Why was he messaging me? I start to wonder and probed.
C: you bloomed, i. Why didn’t I notice you before?
Answer to C? well it’s because you were busy bullying me and the other part of the Geek world that you forgot that were human. So now that I am “pretty” you notice me. TURD.
UGH. That really really annoys me.
D: Hey girl! Wow, I, you look great… didn’t know you’d bloom like that. But then again, you’re pretty naman talaga before.
D is also part of the A-list crowd. One that I don’t even dare to look at or I might get snubbed. Now he’s talking to me? What the fuck?
Yeah? you don’t even look at me in College. what’s your problem?

E: Hey I, lets get together saturday? I mean a few of the guys are coming. I bet you wanna catch up.
Catch up my ass, E! I dont even know you. Feeling close much? we didnt hang in college. Not even once. Don’t include me in your group of friends.
But the worst are those who you actually see. There was one who actually tried to kiss me, another wanted to get more… I mean, really guys, it’s still the geek! It’s still me. only prettier.
Hay grow up! Sometimes, the best way to do so is honesty. Diba? Plain and simple. Walang bolahan. And be men, not boys. own up to it.
no girl wants a boy, they want men.


A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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