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Hearts day and Fabulous 30

I’m 30. It’s a damn fact. It doesn’t really feel any different- except for the fact that I have, in my mind, aged. Yesterday, I made a big fuss all about it. I threw a party for a small group of friends, reconnected, laughed, sang and thought about how lucky I was to come to this age.

I had a blast on my fabulous 3-0 party. Good clean fun with people who are sane, not drunk or do not want to get drunk. Food and laughter were all that mattered, stories, new and old, catching up — looking into the future and telling each other hopes and dreams. Most people were gearing towards families, careers, and change. Life caught up with us Peter Pans and finally made us grow up.

The guestlist was not a multitude. Just a good small group — enough to have a party, and enough to have time to bond with each.

JM and Bev ( the best couple in the world) is married and has a wonderful daughter (my pretty goddaughter), stella and another on the way. Joel and Jan have been together for four years and getting ready to get hitched. Cheryll and her husband are trying to have kids. Luci ( because I refuse to call him martin) and I were the only singles there — and still we were unsure of what to do about ourselves.

Most of them I havent seen for a decade or more ( except for JM and Bev) and it was really refreshing and inspiring to talk to them. We talked about our love stories – kilig ones from che and joel, while both luci and I had a sad existence. yet there is still hope.

Maturity. I thought everyone finally got that. Though, a few were still carefree. It amazed me that people who I used to talk to about homework now are talking about children, childbirth and rearing kids. Speaking of, I really want kids of my own too. a family, i guess its time to get serious.

The party ended at 2:30 AM with Luci bringing in laughter about crazy things he’s done. I swear, the party would have been dead without him. He was my seatmate in 4th year, a good friend and I am glad I found him on amazing facebook. 😀


HAPPY HEARTS DAY. Honestly, its a lot of fluff. But it could be the start of something new. Had dinner with a good friend, bonded, laughed and it was cool. Good friend was Luci. 😀 Now, before anyone could react, I want you to know that it was completely platonic. Just good friends going out. So shut it. (RIIIGHHHT!)

Defensive? Not really.
He’s been a crush. senior year. Yeah (cues in Maybe this time by Michael Murphy)… not really expecting anything but.. allow me to squeal…
He’s still cute, funny and better than I kinda thought. I look forward to spending time with him.
Romance front? I don’t know. But at least– I had a great valentine

I look forward to the coming year. it seems all positive for me…




A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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