Posted in the office

Bitch in the house

If there’s such a thing as a Bitch-meter I will be off the scales today. Though, its funny. It started to be such a good day, I was even singing to LOVELESS by YAMAPI while putting on my make-up in the staff room. But then something must be in the air because as soon as I learned that some of my files were missing — I flew off the handle and started bitching.

I was such in a foul mood that everyone was on their tippy toes around me. Maybe it was lack of sleep. But yeah i was worse than a firecracker…or an atomic bomb… BOOM!
anyway, i mellowed down in the after lunch. A little. Until some demanding SOB decided to bring the bitch back. Why oh why do they have to come at 4:30 and demand to release their papers … WITHOUT SO MUCH OF A THANK YOU? …
I . want. to. kick. something.
Plus, the fact that I’m annoyed at a certain someone is pissing me off too.
I think I am going to sleep. Like now.
Hopefully tommorow I’ll be perky again
PS.. I miss a certain person… why am i missing him? why am i looking forward to seeing a demi god?


A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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