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SMART’s Not So SMART Move.

I am NOT amused. I do not think that SMART Telecom is too smart. In fact, I think that there is something going on within the branch/payment area. You see, I was totally happy with my new SMART GOLD PLAN 800 – up until last Sunday. When some idiot from SMART called me and told me that my payment envelope was empty and there was NO MONEY inside the envelope. My reaction, IMPOSSIBLE.

1. There was money inside the envelope. I carefully counted it out, put it inside the envelope and was thinking if I was doing the right thing of putting some advance payment along with my current bill payment. ( OF COURSE, INSTINCT WAS RIGHT and I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED – I shouldnt have paid in advance).

2. I missed precious lunch break chika with my girls for it. I missed LUNCH period. Though there are no complaints in the Diet department there, I could have just gabbed away and not stressed waiting in line and going through the hot Manila sun to get to Rob Ermita to get scammed.

I was shocked. More than shocked. I was furious. I was worried and annoyed. I got paranoid even to the point that I kept on rethinking the events of the day.

What happened?

I went to SMART Telecom Rob Ermita Wireless Center to get my SMART MONEY card. I was told I was going to pay PHP30.00 for the processing fee. I decide that it was a good chance to pay my bill as well. So, I wait. I fix the envelope and wait. I count out my Money, I put it in the envelope, seal it and watch the screen for my number.

I was number 5018. I got called. I come up to the counter and this thin girl with glasses didnt even greet me. So I gave her my PHP30.00 Payment and ask her nicely if she could process my payment as well, since I was already at the counter. She said “Kiosk nalang po, Ma’am.” I ask her again. She repeated the answer. She said “Medyo matagal po ang ating resibo magbayad po muna kayo.”

I, being the obedient one, obeyed and followed instructions. The Kiosk was easy. I keyed in all necessary information. I submitted my payment and I put the envelope in the slot, got my receipt watched as my envelope fell into the slot and then turned to go to the window to get my receipt from the glasses girl. She gave me the receipt asked me to sign and off I went thinking and feeling accomplished that I have finished paying my bills and had advanced payments so I wouldnt think about SMART for a while.

WRONG. VERY WRONG. Come, Sunday, they called me and annoyed me. I called them several times to follow up. I almost cried in anger because they kept saying they couldn’t do anything for me after all the explanation.


I was supposed to swallow it all up and pay them again. Me, being an entrepreneur, it takes a lot for me to dig into my wallet and SPEND my hard earned money. I hold myself back. I want to save. I need money for more important things like my VAT registration, my future office, materials, etc, etc. But smart doesn’t care. It’s got a MONEY EATING MONSTER inside that steals the hard earned cash of the people.

To top it all off, I know they are lying. Because the first person I talked to said that the envelope was there and there was NO MONEY in it. The second person said that there was NO ENVELOPE. PERIOD. Which do I believe? I think they’re bluffing.


I dont know what to do. I dont have that much money to pay again. I don’t even know where to go. I want to see what they are going to do. Maybe I could go to the NTC. Maybe I should report them. What do you guys suggest I do?



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2 thoughts on “SMART’s Not So SMART Move.

  1. Report them! get all the receipts, all evidences that you paid them, etc.! Get the names of who told you that there was no envelope and who told you that there was no money inside the envelope. If you can't recall that at least the time you called them would suffice. Escalate the issue to a supervisor.

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