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My WANT list….

It’s exhausting and draining to start your own business from scratch. I honestly scrimped and saved each penny that I put in this business from my own pocket – none from the ‘rents – and my pride tells me that it should stay that way. I want something my own and something that I know that I gave my all to. I really have changed a lot since I decided to start out on this new venture. I am putting so much of myself in it that it’s almost starting to be an obsession.

I have sacrificed so much for this business. My wallet screams from its empty state – but I tell myself that it’s for a huge return. My wardrobe seriously needs a facelift ( and me, being a sworn fashionista and shopaholic- that says a LOT). I haven’t been eating out, buying my favorite treats, going out to get spa treatments ( my inner kikay screams!), or even getting a well deserved mani-pedi. Gone were the days of pampering myself outside — and now all I do is home treatments. Pero, maganda parin!

I just tell myself. “If you do this, and your realty succeeds – and it will and when you get a sale. You can get a new pair of shoes from Steve Madden or those yummy Nine West heels you’ve been eyeing for months! Who cares if they’re last season! You deserve it!” Self motivation. Inuuto ko nalang ang sarili ko. But you know, it actually works!! I am actually more motivated to sell and finish the dredging task of finishing that website and updating it. It makes me wake up at 5:00 am on a SATURDAY morning to go to an Accreditation Seminar. It makes me check my e-mails even when I am half -asleep. It motivates me to go and talk to people with a bright smile – even when I don’t like them. It makes me happier, more focused, more set on the prize. It even makes me forget that I am tired.


So, I put up on my wall, a list of material things I want to have (both the silly and the serious) – at least within 5 years and this is what I came up with.

  1. A Condo AND/OR a House – makati/daang hari.
  2. A New Laptop ( Gateway broke!! :() – i kinda want the small presentation friendly type.
  3. A car (CRV?!)
  4. A nice Louis Vuitton/Prada or Kate Spade Document Bag
  5. the Southern Point Realty Office ( Complete with interior and my nice glass/metal desk)
  6. At least PHP2M in the bank
  7. A new cellphone ( the ones with email) / or PDA
  8. Go to Japan for Vacation/Watch a JE Concert
  9. A toy dog (jack russel terrier/ shih tzu/ westie)
  10. A New COMPLETE Wardrobe
  11. Nihonggo advanced lessons
  12. Jewelry (what woman doesnt want this)
  13. Shopping Spree in Macau/HK and BANGKOK
  14. Spend for my favorite Inaanak’s first birthday
  15. a brand new computer

It sounds ambitious, crazy or downright insane but its what I want and it’s what I will get. I want to look at this list all the time so I can keep focused on the prize. I am only hoping to cross the list out one by one. 🙂 starting with the LAPTOP. I really need it. SERIOUSLY. I also want beside my selfish and childish goals – to really have a life that I could be comfortable in. A life I could be proud of, a business that is flourishing and satisfaction that would make even me– the biggest critic of myself to be happy and proud of myself.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

2 thoughts on “My WANT list….

  1. it's nice you have a goal at least you have a reason for working your sexy ass off!!! My goal…right now….pay off all outstanding credit card debt and after that save for a trip to Korea!!! Actually I need to be ready for that trip in 4 or 5 years time. Hehehe….Shinhwa's comeback concert! Yaay!

  2. are they really going to have that come back soon? Kaya mo yan! Ako gusto ko next year sa concert ng NEWS! At pag comeback ng KANJANI8 as an eight member gang. Haaay!! I dont have a credit card. I just have a business that needs money. HAYY!

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