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Secreat Admirers

I guess there are still a few romantics in this world. Today, my friend, Ms. Jo got that humongous teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, and that mini pillow from an anonymous benefactor. It came during Friday high. When everyone is seriously trying to get everything done, and get out of there to start their weekends. So it was a surprise when the cadets came in with flowers and that huge stuffed animal from Blue Magic.

Of course, we were overwhelmed. There were teasings, cat calls and bets on who it was and Jo was totally flabbergasted. I couldnt contain my curiosity and dove for the card. I practically fell on my knees when it said.

Ms. Joan G,
I love you so much!
your Secreat Admirer

I was amazed not only because of the amazing spelling of SECRET but also with the boldness and honesty of emotion of whoever gave it to her. I was half kidding when I said thatJo, di ko kinaya, tinalo mo ang beauty ko. Sino man yan, pakasalan mo na! Laki ng effort sayo! Ang laki ng pagmamahal sa iyo!” Aside from the fact that I was green with envy because I admit that I want a big teddy bear and some romance too, I was also thinking about how many guys would do that in this day and age! She was lucky she found one that was a bit out of the times or just a plain romantic. (Even if we do not know who he is).

I am not new to this. I have my list of secret admirers too. I had a stalker who sent me an engagement ring, a secret admirer who would pay my bills ( I admit he was useful) and a secret admirer who would just text me advice at the right time and would never give his name. Then again, there was the creepy, the corny and worst of all – the annoying.

There is the thrill of knowing someone loves you even if you don’t know them. Then again, a big part of you is curious to know who that person is. And me with my impatience and curiosity, I get really annoyed at the fact that people do this behind your back. I mean, why not just get out and say it? Why not be straight up with your feelings? I mean, you already said it! You already gave it and showed the person you liked them. WHY NOT JUST TELL THEM UPFRONT!? I am sure, anyone who is not stonehearted or numb would appreciate the gesture or even respect feelings that you will bring in front of them. I know I do.

Guys that do that only play safe. Seriously, and I think by doing so they are cowards. If you do it once or twice while getting the courage to come up to the girl, that’s forgivable. But being a “Secret Admirer” for eternity is dumb. The girl will never get to thank you. She will think that youre a coward and is not serious because you never show yourself. And who knows, what if she already loves/likes you and because of your cowardice, you never knew. It could happen.

So, for all those SECREAT ADMIRERS out there, a word of advice, women like men who can tell us that they love us. We appreciate the courage and the effort more of people who can look us in the eye and tell us in person their feelings. That way, we can let you know if you have a chance or if you should just give up the fight. And one more thing: please, PLEASE spell it right.



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