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Bills, Bills, Bills

First round of bills were paid today, it feels good. I should be ok – all i need now is to concentrate on getting $300 for the move and $425 for my first half of rent for October. I wanna stay ahead while I can, you know build up my credit and stuff. God, I feel so independent and so much better than I was feeling yesterday.

OMG. this is an example of what a retard i am.

LadyIverin: If all else fails I can move me stuff out afore in th’ week and then just live out o’ a suitcase fer finals XD
burninghottaka: good girl
burninghottaka: ^_^
burninghottaka: i lived in a suitcase for like 3 months
burninghottaka: out of a suitcase
burninghottaka: not in
burninghottaka: …
burninghottaka: coz that would be stupid
shinjiprodigy: XD
LadyIverin: lol in a suitcase

[Chat with suboshiyui and iverin this morning]

Speaking of suboshiyui, she’s coming over the first week of October. Sweet. ^_^ i cant wait to fangirl with her.

I have to take a shower. take the trash out and get ready to see friends.

^_^ gonna be a fun day. Its a cold fun day.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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