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Early Morning thoughts before my nap…

So, Brian came today at work to pick up his last paycheck. It was horribly slow so we decided to hang out. God, he was pissed. Apparently, they didnt tell him he was fired til Friday Morning when JC was there setting up the bar for him. Is that not rude? GAH. But that’s Dan’s doing and not Noelle. Anyway, I was upset majorly and  he knew it too.  Paul and I were talking that it wasn’t fair. ALl his regulars were just there upset too. WHAT THE FUCK? Right? He was really a nice guy and he did his job. This guy can read my mind and sometimes I dont even have to ask him for my drinks and he would know what to serve. >.> Why do I have to work with Lauren the Bitch on Sunday Mornings? FUCK.

Anyway, Brian, Paul, Felicia and I were hanging and were talking about what was going on. And Paul asked why I looked so stressed and upset, and Brian said “Oh, she’s upset that I am leaving.” I nodded. Yup, that was it. He’s such a good employee that he didnt deserve it. Plus, I was kinda building a little crush on him on the side. And that sucks. He said he’ll call me to hang out though and he’s coming to the party.

At least Jen and I work Sunday Nights now. Now, that is fun.  I had a blast. Lindsey came over after work today and she called Junior and Jim over to hang out after a while. I think Junior likes her  ^_^ which we dont mind. He’s adorable. He let us up to his condo (we’ve been there 2x this week) to get painter’s tape. ^_^ and Lindsey called him Frodo. He is straight, but he’s got gay tendencies which I think is cute.

But, for me? I think I would rather stick to my POT boys and Tamaki and Mori. Theyre safer. At least I know I would not get hurt.
Well, I better crash. Lindsey and I are going to shop a little tommorow when  I get home,

Maria’s Murderous Days to work: 17 days to go without a break in between



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